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NOTE:  Robert Jaklich is the new Superintendent of Schools for VISD.  His first official day on the job was July 1, 2012.  This is an open letter to the community:

Recently I have had the honor, and distinct privilege, to be named as the Superintendent of Schools for The Victoria Independent School District.  I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the Victoria community, the Victoria ISD staff and especially the Victoria ISD Board of Trustees for providing such a supportive, welcoming and positive experience during my transition period.  It is clearly evident Victoria is truly a special place to be.

The future is extremely bright for the Victoria Independent School District.  We have the opportunity for greatness at our doorstep and we have the people who possess the will to make the impossible – possible.  As we work together with our Board of Trustees to plan for this upcoming school year, our conversations continually involve “quality”:  a quality learning environment, quality instruction, and quality opportunities and resources for all students and staff.

In the Victoria ISD, we believe that as educators, our primary focus is to provide all children in our community the opportunity to develop their mental, moral and physical capabilities to their maximum potential.  Our students are our most important resource and the “core value” of every decision we make.  By working together and focusing on “Every Child, Every Classroom, Every Day” we can and will continue to offer our students the quality of education they so richly deserve.

Excellence in education is based on professional standards of excellence for students, faculty and staff.  We must continue to review and redefine strategies that will enable us to reach new heights and maintain our focus on academic excellence.  Our schools belong to the people of our community and community support is a must if a school district is to operate successfully.  As educational leaders we must always believe every parent has a dream that their child will be happy and successful.  As a school district we must equally share in this dream and must provide engaging, appropriate and challenging experiences for all students.  We must also realize that preparing our students for the workforce is secondary to our responsibility to prepare them for success in life.

To become an exceptional school district, we must communicate and work in harmony with all stakeholders.  In the Victoria ISD, we believe that everyone is responsible for taking an active role in our children’s future and that excellence is the rule and not the exception.  We are currently designing our educational strategies to align and support improved instruction, evaluate student performance and improve professional development opportunities.  We firmly believe that improvement must be a process and not an event.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the entire Victoria Independent School District, we thank you for challenging us to do more, to learn more, to dream more, and, most importantly, to become more.  We realize that choice not chance determines our destiny and we thank you for choosing to believe in us.

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